"Economic Democracy, Economic Prosperity"

"Economic Democracy, Economic Prosperity"
Democratic socialism is a political ideology which believes strongly in the right of the workers to control their labor. Democratic socialists are opposed both to the authoritarian Communism of the old USSR and the capitalism in the United States which is, by nature, undemocratic. In capitalism, the living condition of the workers are determined by those on the top, those who get rich benefitting from the labor of others. Democratic socialism proposes a different approach, one of power equality and workers controlling their own destinies. Stewart Alexander will stand for this in the Washington should he be elected president. To all the workers and voters in the United States: Elect Stewart Alexander President in 2012.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Stewart Alexander?

We support Stewart Alexander in his candidacy for president of the United States because he supports the Democratic Socialism which is necessary to move this country from the gutter of capitalism, inequality, and permanent hierarchy to the more just world of peace, equality, and Socialism. Our quest is not one to turn America into Soviet Russia, but rather a quest to turn America into a true land of freedom. A Socialist Party president would provide a crucial step between this capitalist world to a world where true bottom-up Socialism prevails. Join us, will you?

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